About the ICG

The Integrity Coordinating Group (ICG) is a forum in which the independent officers of the Auditor General, the Public Sector Commissioner, the Corruption and Crime Commissioner, the Western Australian Ombudsman and the Information Commissioner:

  • coordinate the exchange of information, consistent with legislation governing each office
  • share perspectives on integrity issues in which they have a common interest
  • collaborate to assist Western Australian public authorities effectively deal with integrity issues.

The ICG is not established by any statute and is an informal administrative arrangement to enable member agencies to coordinate their activities, avoid duplication and overlap, and better promote integrity to the public sector. Each member remains bound by their own statutory powers and limitations.

ICG members

The Integrity Coordinating Group (ICG) comprises the:

  • Public Sector Commission
  • Office of the Auditor General
  • Corruption and Crime Commission
  • Western Australian Ombudsman
  • Office of the Information Commissioner.

Office of the Auditor GeneralOffice of the Auditor General

The Auditor General's role is to audit the finances and activities of the Western Australian public sector. In undertaking this task, the Auditor General will scrutinise the public sector for potential instances of wastage, inefficiency or ineffectiveness, and report his findings to parliament.

The Auditor General recognises independence is the cornerstone of public sector audit. In reporting to parliament, the Auditor General must be free from pressure, influence or interference from any source that may erode that independence.

For more information, see the Office of the Auditor General’s website.

Public Sector CommissionPublic Sector Commission

The Public Sector Commission brings leadership and expertise to the public sector to enhance integrity, effectiveness and efficiency. The objective of the Commission’s activities is a high performing public sector that service the needs of the public now and for the future.

The Commission recognises a public sector that works efficiently and with integrity can provide the public with better results, and better public value. Integrity is also important to ensure the public sector is trusted and accountable for its actions.

For more information, see the Public Sector Commission’s website.

Corruption and Crime CommissionCorruption and Crime Commission

The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) is a leading Australian anti-corruption body. It works to improve the integrity of the Western Australian public sector and helps public sector agencies minimise and manage misconduct. The CCC collaborates with other government agencies and the wider community to educate, prevent, assess and investigate misconduct in the public sector.

For more information, see the Corruption and Crime Commission's website.

Ombudsman Western AustraliaWestern Australian Ombudsman

The Ombudsman serves parliament and Western Australians by resolving complaints about the decision making of public authorities and improving the standard of public administration. The Ombudsman is an officer of the parliament, independent of the Government of the day and acts impartially of all parties in dispute.

For more information, see the Western Australian Ombudsman's website.

Office of the Information CommissionerOffice of the Information Commissioner

The Office of the Information Commissioner deals with complaints about decisions made by agencies in respect of access applications and requests to amend personal information.

The Office also ensures agencies are aware of their responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 1992, ensures members of the public are aware of the FOI Act and their rights, provides assistance to members of the public and agencies on matters relevant to the FOI Act, and recommends to parliament legislative or administrative changes that could be made to help the objects of the FOI Act to be achieved.

For more information, see the Office of the Information Commissioner’s website.