Gifts, benefits and hospitality - A guide to good practice

Gifts, benefits and hospitality - A guide to good practice assists public authorities in identifying the risks associated with gifts, benefits and hospitality, and consider how to minimise those risks through sound policies, transparent record keeping, communication and review activities. Authorities are encouraged to consider the ‘five Rs’ when reviewing their approach to managing gifts, benefits and hospitality.

What is meant by gift?

A gift is anything of value offered to an officer above their normal salary or employment entitlements. Gifts can be of a token value, such as a box of chocolates, or of a significant value, such as a holiday.

In certain circumstances an authority may also offer a gift, for example, to a visiting delegation or speaker.

Gifts are generally tangible and includes items such as consumer goods, promotional materials, samples, discounts on goods and services and cash.

What is meant by a benefit?

Benefits relate to preferential treatment, privileged access, favours or other advantages. 

Benefits are generally intangible, and includes items such as personal service, job offers and invitations to sporting or other events.

What is meant by hospitality?

Hospitality relates to entertaining stakeholders, conference delegates and other official visitors. Examples of hospitality may include offers of meals, invitations to events, sponsored travel or accommodation. 

Hospitality may be offered by an authority to stakeholders to support and facilitate the business of the authority or government. 

Hospitality may also be offered to an officer by an external party as part of conducting the business of the authority or government. 


ICG video: Gifts, benefits and hospitality forum - 2 July 2013


  • Ms Deborah Kennedy, Facilitator
  • Mr Mal Wauchope, Public Sector Commissioner and current Chair of the Integrity Coordinating Group
  • Mr Chris Field, Western Australian Ombudsman
  • Mr Colin Murphy, Auditor General
  • Mr Neil Douglas, Acting Corruption and Crime Commissioner
  • Mr Sven Bluemmel, Information Commisioner


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