Integrity in decision making

Decisions which impact on the Western Australian community are made by public officers every day. The community expects those officers to act with integrity when making decisions, whether day-to-day operational decisions with limited scope or major policy decisions that have broad effects across the community. Examples include:

  • policy decisions
  • regulation, enforcement and compliance decisions
  • decisions about services and product delivery to the community
  • internal governance and management decisions including human resources, financial and procurement decisions
  • decisions about the security and appropriate release of information and records.

Integrity in decision making is crucial to good governance and sustaining public trust. The community needs to have confidence in the decisions made by public officers.

The integrity in decision making framework is:

  • Power—use power responsibly and for its intended purpose
  • Principles—apply ethical, accountability and proportionality principles
  • Proper process—follow a proper and appropriate process
  • Proportionate outcomes—achieve evidence-based and proportionate outcomes.

For more information, see the Integrity in decision making - info sheets and checklists page.