Auditor General finds agencies generally complying with requirements for managing and monitoring motor vehicles, but several have room for improvement

Office of the Auditor General

In his report tabled in Parliament today, the Auditor General found that agencies had established motor vehicle policies and generally complied with them, however six out of eight agencies audited needed to improve their monitoring of vehicle use.

The Auditor General Colin Murphy recommended that agencies follow satisfactory procedures and comply with requirements relating to motor vehicles, as agencies’ vehicle fleets are significant assets.

‘We audited the areas that agencies should be monitoring, such as timely servicing, the review of fuel consumption reports, recording of pool vehicle drivers, and whether lease vehicles were returned promptly and within the allowed lease kilometres, to avoid financial penalties,’ said Mr Murphy.

‘It is important that agencies have sound policies to provide guidance to the staff who manage and use the fleet to help minimise operational costs,’ he said.

Expenditure by state government agencies on vehicle purchases is more than $200 million per year, and in the last financial year agencies leased around 11 000 vehicles.

‘It is really important for agencies to ensure that all vehicles are leased through State Fleet, unless prior approval from State Fleet is obtained,’ he said.

‘I am pleased to see that agencies in our sample generally accepted my recommendations and confirmed that they will improve the relevant policies and practices for managing and monitoring vehicles,’ said Mr Murphy.

‘I urge all agencies to consider applying the report’s recommendations for their motor vehicle fleets.’

The Auditor General’s report, Managing and Monitoring Motor Vehicle Usage (Report 6 – April 2015), is available on the Office of the Auditor General website at