More action needed to address increasing trends in workplace injuries

Office of the Auditor General

As the latest report from the Auditor General clearly shows, there are significant benefits for agencies that excel in injury management. Getting back to work early is not only important for wellbeing of the injured worker, but can also boost morale and productivity, while helping to address the rising costs of workers’ compensation insurance across the public sector.

Many factors can affect the severity and rates of injury. Not all of these are within an agency’s control. But the increasing trends across the public sector indicate more action is needed in the areas that agencies can control. Agencies need to be committed to injury management, have effective systems in place for when someone is injured, and regularly review their performance.

The Auditor General’s report Management of Injured Workers in the Public Sector (Report 3 – May 2013) can be downloaded from the Office of the Auditor General website at