Ombudsman releases 2016-17 annual report

Ombudsman Western Australia

The Ombudsman Western Australia Annual Report 2016-17, recently tabled in the Parliament, outlines the work undertaken by the Office of the Ombudsman during the reporting period.

The ‘Year in Brief’ section of the report provides a snapshot of work, carried out during 2016/17 reporting period, including:

  • receiving 12 321 contacts, comprising 10 131 enquiries and 2 190 complaints
  • finalising 94 per cent of complaints within three months
  • since 2007, decreasing the age of complaints from 173 days to 32 days and reduced the cost of resolving complaints by 36 per cent
  • acceptance of 100 per cent of our recommendations to public authorities
  • receiving 50 investigable child deaths and 15 reviewable family and domestic violence fatalities, and making 40 recommendations about ways to prevent or reduce these deaths
  • the undertaking of significant work on a major investigation into ways to prevent or reduce child deaths by drowning
  • tabling a report in Parliament A report on giving effect to the recommendations arising from the Investigation into issues associated with violence restraining orders and their relationship with family and domestic violence fatalities
  • significant work undertaken on A report on giving effect to the recommendations arising from the Investigation into ways that State Government departments and authorities can prevent or reduce suicide by young people
  • significant work undertaken in relation to a major report on our role to monitor the infringement notices provisions of The Criminal Code
  • undertaking a range of work to implement the Ombudsman’s inaugural Aboriginal Action Plan
  • enhancing awareness and access to the Office for children and young people through a range of mechanisms, including continuing a visiting program to vulnerable groups of children in the child protection system
  • enhancing regional awareness and access to the Office through visits to Broome and Carnarvon.