Social Media - Strategy, Policy and Tools

Corruption and Crime Commission

Common concerns for government agencies about engaging with online social media include reputational damage, potential employee misconduct such as misrepresenting an agency; inappropriately disclosing information; misusing agency resources, mishandling conflicts of interests and even risks to equity and probity in recruitment and selection processes.

None of those issues are exclusive to the use of social media, but as a new area of communication, there is a lack of precedents to guide managers.

A forum held on Wednesday 27 February 2013 looked at how the development of a social media strategy or policy to manage newfound risks may involve various divisions within an organisation including communications, human resources, governance and legal areas.

Practitioner forums were launched by the Commission in November 2008 following the release of the 'Misconduct Resistance: An Integrated Governance Approach to Protecting Agency integrity' Framework. The aim of the forums is to help WA public authorities develop and implement their own misconduct resistance approaches that align with the Framework.

For more information, see the Misconduct Resistance Practitioners Forums page on the Corruption and Crime Commission website.