State of the sector 2012

Public Sector Commission

On 13 December 2012, the Public Sector Commission published the State of the sector 2012 report.

The report includes a comprehensive overview of current public sector administrative performance, key demographic data and information on the WA public sector workforce, and an overview of key challenges for public sector agencies.

Section 4 of the report covers integrity and ethical conduct in the public sector, including:

  • ethical leadership
  • monitoring ethical conduct and compliance with codes
  • reporting unethical behaviour
  • assessing allegations of wrongdoing and misconduct
  • managing discipline in the public sector
  • public interest disclosures

The report is accompanied by the State of the sector 2012 – Statistical bulletin containing information from agencies’ responses to the annual agency survey, details of employee perceptions and demographic data. This can be used to examine individual agency performance and benchmark against other agencies.