Whole-of-government approach needed to manage office space

Office of the Auditor General

Auditor General Colin Murphy has found in his latest report that while genuine improvements have been made in the management of government office accommodation, serious constraints remain to prevent maximum benefits being achieved.

Mr Murphy said the Department of Finance’s mandate to manage government office accommodation includes less than half of government agencies and as a result there is still no comprehensive whole-of-government data, meaning that the total size, cost and density rates of government office space are not known.

He said this lack of baseline information limits government’s ability to plan and organise its accommodation arrangements in a way that delivers maximum benefit from government’s 2009 Works Reform program.

The Auditor General’s report Follow-on Performance Audit to 'Room to Move: Improving the Cost Efficiency of Government Office Space' (Report 2 – April 2013) can be downloaded from the Office of the Auditor General website at www.audit.wa.gov.au