Political impartiality

The public sector serves the public as determined by the democratically elected Government of the day, without bias towards one political party or another. This ‘political impartiality’ endures so there is continuity in the business of government regardless of which party is in power.

Impartiality means neutrality, independence and objectivity, fairness and balance, open-mindedness and even-handedness. This detachment does not mean apathy, indifference or unresponsiveness to public policy priorities determined by the Government and parliament.

Political impartiality requires public officers to demonstrate loyalty to the state of Western Australia, led by the elected Government, and to successive governments, and enables successive governments to have confidence in the public sector. In addition, the way public servants interact with the community affects the perceptions and attitudes the community have of public sector agencies and officers.

Serving the public interest also involves identifying and promoting opportunities to serve the Western Australian public, and advocating innovative solutions to community concerns. In serving the duly elected Government, a balance needs to be maintained between the dual roles of public servants being responsible to the minister and responsive to the public.